Custom Footbeds

What is the advantage of moldable custom footbeds over regular insoles?

Why do SOLE Custom Footbeds cost less than traditional custom orthotics?

Do I have to heat mold the footbeds to use them?

How long will they last?

I have wide feet, what size insoles should I order?

I am in between shoe sizes (i.e. Women's 8.5) so what size insole should I order?

My new Custom Footbeds are a little too large for my footwear. Can I trim them so they fit better?

What does the Truth in Comfort Guarantee cover?

What changes in fit to my footwear might I feel?

Is it possible to overheat SOLE Custom Footbeds to the point of melting?

Will the SOLE Custom Footbeds change dramatically in shape after heat molding?

Why do you make your insoles in different thicknesses?